The Internets Best Cat Humor

If you love cats then I am sure you will love cat humor ( who doesn’t?). This page is dedicated strictly to the Internet’s best cat humor and moments caught on tape of cats gone bad.If you have any funny cat moments of your own or just want to share some cool cat stuff that you found please feel free to contact me on the contact page so we can share it here for you

Here are the top 25 cat humor compilations in no particular order!


Funny Cats Compilation Must See

I am in a gloomy mood today with all the rain and I am a little tired from my travels. So when I feel a little blue nothing gets me more motivated than looking at some funny kitty videos and I ran into this video below on one of my social media accounts and literally laughed myself into  stomach pain. This video is just under 15 minutes long but trust me you probably will not make it to the end without lol your way into a good mood. Let’s spread the cat cheer and do everything we can to make our time on earth worth wild.